Dual Optimizer And Rapid Shut Down

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Manufacturer : Gamko
Shade and dirt can have a major impact on the production of solar panels. Because most solar panels are connected in series, a single solar panel in the shade can reduce the yield of the entire system. With the HoneyBee 800 Power optimizer you ensure that every solar panel always performs at its maximum. Regardless of what happens to the other panels.
In this way you get 5 to 25% more yield through Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) per module. In addition, you can easily apply these optimizers in both new and existing PV systems, from 2 modules. These optimizers work with almost any inverter.
The Optimizer is also equipped with various safety options. This way, you can de-energize the entire system at the push of a button and this even happens automatically in the event of a calamity. The optimizer can be used in both grid-connected and off-grid solar systems of different sizes. 

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